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TO    Total Over
TU    Total Under
To1    Total Over 1st team
Tu1    Total Under 1st team
To2    Total Over 2nd team
Tu2    Total Under 2nd team
Tev    Total Even
Tod    Total Odd
Tev1    Total Even 1st team
Tod1    Total Odd 1st team
Tev2    Total Even 2nd team
Tod2    Total Odd 2nd team
Eh1    3-way: European Handicap/Spread 1st team
2    3-way: 2nd team win
1    3-way: 1st team win
Eh2    3-way: European Handicap/Spread 2nd team
Ah1    2-way: Handicap/Spread 1st team
Ah2    2-way: Handicap/Spread 2nd team
DNB1    Draw No Bet: 1st team win
DNB2    Draw No Bet: 2nd team win
X2    Double chance: draw or 2nd team win
1X    Double chance: 1st team win or draw

12    Double chance: 1st team win or 2nd team win
Score 1 Yes    Score 1st team Yes
Score 1 No    Score 1st team No
Score 2 Yes    Score 2nd team Yes
Score 2 No    Score 2nd team No
Removal Yes    Removal Yes
Removal No    Removal No
Removal 1st team Yes    Removal 1st team Yes
Removal 1st team No    Removal 1st team No
Removal 2nd team Yes    Removal 2nd team Yes
Removal 1st team No    Removal 1st team No
Penalty Yes    Penalty YesPenalty No    Penalty No
Penalty 1st team Yes    Penalty 1st team Yes
Penalty 1st team No    Penalty 1st team No
Penalty 2nd team Yes    Penalty 2nd team Yes
Penalty 2nd team No    Penalty 2nd team No
Extra Inning Yes    Extra Inning Yes
Extra Inning No    Extra Inning No
EHX1    3-way: European Handicap/Spread Draw 1st team
EHX2    3-way: European Handicap/Spread Draw 2nd team
Exactly    Exactly Goals/Points
TU (3-way)    Total Under (3-way)TO (3-way)    Total Over (3-way)
TO1 (3-way)    Total Over (3-way) 1st team
TO2 (3-way)    Total Over (3-way) 2nd team
TU1 (3-way)    Total Under (3-way) 1st team
TU2 (3-way)    Total Under (3-way) 2nd team
Ex1    Exactly Goals/Points 1st team
Ex2    Exactly Goals/Points 2nd team
ScoreBoth    Score both teams
Not ScoreBoth    Not score both teams
Tsets (2)    Tennis: number of sets: 2
Tsets (3)    Tennis: number of sets: 3





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